The place where
geology, geophysics,
and computer science meet
information technologies
for oil and gas exploration


We develop software and provide services for seismic data processing and imaging.

Our goal is high-quality 3D seismic data processing in real time.

Our clients are major oil and gas companies.


The company staff are the alumni of leading Russian universities. All of us have substantial experience in developing and using the software for seismic and well-log data processing and interpretation.

In addition to working on current projects, our specialists are involved in research activities. We participate to Russian and international scientific conferences. 26 papers were presented and/or published by our staff in 2007-2012.

Part-time experts from leading research and educational centers participate in our projects.


Our software and services are based on the original and effective algorithms and technologies, developed by the GEOLAB specialists.

Both conventional (MPI, OpenMP) and new cutting-edge parallel programming technologies are used in the software development process.


In order to provide high-quality and timely development and service activities, the following computing and peripheral facilities are deployed in the GEOLAB office:

  • 6-core two-way Intel Xeon based compute cluster
  • Infiniband QDR interconnect
  • 12 terabyte disk storage
  • Developers' workstations
  • Printers and plotters

The method of virtual machines is employed for timely solving problems of our clients, where a configuration of "virtual computers" is deployed over the in-house network thus emulating client-specific hardware configuration.