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The GEOLAB software package for high-performance 3D seismic data processing is the main product of the company. Its innovative features are as follows:

  1. Original algorithms for conventional and wide-azimuth 3D seismic data processing for improved effeciency of oil and gas exploration in complex geological settings:
    • effective methods to suppress noise including multiples and surface waves.

    • accurate velocity model building.

    • full set of depth imaging tools including Kirchoff migration, WEM, and RTM .

    • both the data management subsystem and processing algorithms do not impose limitations on the acquisition pattern;
    • most algorithms are based on the improved 3D moveout definition.

  2. High performance:
    • specially designed data management subsystem aimed at avoiding the I/O bottlenecks;
    • all modules are parallelized for present-day multi-core CPUs;
    • job execution subsystem effectively uses parallel and distributed (cluster) computing facilities.

  3. Interactive processing:
    • processing can be applied to portions of a dataset in real time for faster decision making and selecting optimal parameters for batch processing;
    • convenient graphical user interface provides visualization and editing of the 3D wavefield.

  4. Open architecture and expandability:
    • a method for automatic GUI generation, developed at GEOLAB, allows the module developers to concentrate on the relevant math problems;
    • simple data formats and standard data exchange mechanizms enable easy integration with the third-party software