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The following projects were successfully completed in 2007 through 2012:

  • Industrialization of the software, developed by client's researchers, including source code analysis, modification, creating regression tests, graphical user interface development, module integration, and documenting

  • Optimization and parallelization of client's seismic imaging software for optimal resource usage of the SGI/Altix 3700 supercomputer

  • Consulting on the optimization of time consuming seismic processing/imaging algorithms including source code refactoring and providing the recomendations for client's future developments

  • Development of software for efficient multiple suppression for wide-azimuth (WAZ) data

  • Processing of 3D wide-azimuth towed streamer (WATS) data from the region with the salt tectonics.

  • Development of the program for seismic modeling fully expoiting capabilities of multicore systems.

  • Improvement and optimization of local full waveform inversion algorithm and program.

  • Processing of 3D data with strong basalt-related multiple noise.

  • Development of seismic migration programs including WEM and RTM.

  • Developing a software toolchain using the ray-theoretical approach for seismic forward modelling, kinematic inversion, and migration.

  • Expertise of the multi-component data processing project.

  • Multi-component processing and imaging of the deep-water OBS data.