logoService Company "GEOLAB" provides a full range of services for interpretive seismic data processing. A key area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest is the continuous improvement of algorithms and technology for construction of time and depth velocity models and earth imaging.


The company team consists of graduates of leading Russian universities (MSU, MIPT, MEPI, RGUNG Gubkin), with extensive experience in processing of land, marine and borehole data from different regions of the world.


Leading specialists of the R&D department of the company are disciples and followers of an outstanding Russian geophysicist and mathematician Vladimir Markovich Glogowski, who is an author of the concept of interpretive seismic data processing.


Research confirmed by many scientific publications in leading professional journals performed together with the practical implementation of major geophysical data processing projects in the interest of customers creates all necessary conditions to work on complex and unusual tasks in the field of seismic exploration.


Currently, our subsidiary "GEOLAB IT", resident of the Fund "Skolkovo", is implementing a project for creation of a novel software package for construction of precise velocity-depth models and seismic imaging, which will considerably reduce the risks of exploration, prospecting and mineral mining.